You are already beautiful; we just enhance the hidden beauty and give it a face. We dispose of the pedicure liners and one-time use buffers and files after each client. Since we are a full service nail salon, you will find all kinds of hand and foot (nails) beauty care services at Scottsdale Hand and Foot Spa – Nail Salon without any exception

Polygel / Hard Gel Nails

Getting best Polygel Nails in Scottsdale or Hard Gel Nails in Scottsdale has been made possible by our team for the last eleven years. We offer the best techniques and quality gel available in the market, performed by the experts to give a new lookto your hands and feet. We offer a wide range of choices for the clients in terms of color designs, styles, shapes, gel options etc. Explore, choose and get the best one.

Soft Gel Manicure

You name it and we have it. Be it Gel Manicure or Shellac or Soft Gel Manicure or No Chip Manicure or Manicure gel or even gel color polishwe have it all. One place to get all the styles and services. Ourteam of professionals is always eager to bring something more on the table to keep you happy and satisfied. Try out and enjoy the feeling of rejuvenation at its best.

Mani / Pedi

We are a full service nail salon or commonly known as a nail bar or nail louge, so we do provide the full line of basic manicure services and pedicure Services to all our clients. If you are looking for some “Me time” to get relaxed, pamper yourself and get stress free then a simple manicure and pedicure is no doubt a good idea to indulge in.

Waxing Services

Who knew that you can get best Waxing and Tattoo of Eyebrows & Lipsin Scottsdale? Well we assure you that you can get this and that too from the industry’s best. Cosmetic tattooing is not new concept however it is getting recognised now only. It is a perfect procedure to give a face to your beauty.

Dip Powder Nails
/ Acrylic Nails

Are you thinking of enhance nail care like Acrylic Nails or Dip Powder nails for yourself ? We can help you.

At Scottsdale Hand and Foot Spa – Nail Salon, we keep on trying something new and creative to offer you a change from the regular services you receive. Dip nails were recently re-invented from the traditional acrylic nails to give ladies the new concepts and techniques in added beauty. Both dipping powder nails and acrylic nails are sturdy, strong, and tough to against our daily abuse. They can easily be scrulpturedby our experts to give your nails the new enhance appearance.Our team is full of experts with many years of experience in the art of scrulpturing dip and acrylic nails and creative minds who will give a new look to your hands and feet.